Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Big Day approaches

I'm attempting to twist my routine to allow myself to stay up until 6 without collapsing into a blubbery sleep. You can watch me lose the powers of coherence and language on here as the night unfolds, and unless we have to do this all over again in a couple of months, tomorrow night will be the swansong for this blog. MacNumpty will continue, of course.

Anyway, I'm far from the only one. As well as leaving comments here, don't forget to join the debate at Our Scotland. Bloggery will also take place at the following places:

Mr. Eugenides

Reactionary Snob

Bill Cameron

One early report from the Western Isles: it appears that Labour and the SCP have formed an unholy alliance on the Constituency vote, with the Christian party endorsing Alasdair Morrison. Given that the SCP took 7% of the vote here in the 2005 Westminster Election, this could make a difference. We shall see.

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Bill said...

You might care to have a look at how I am going to spend this election day evening, whilst blogging occasionally - hic! ;)