Friday, May 04, 2007

Coatbridge & Chryston: Lab Hold

Julie McAnulty is the winner of the Battle of the Health Campaigners, and saves her deposit, but Labour hold on comfortably.

Smith: 11860
SNP: 7350
Con: 2305
McAnulty: 1843
LibDem: 1519
Others: 848

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Julie said...

Ta Will,

2600 would have been nicer than 1850 if Gaille mcCann hadn't run, but think I did well considering that I got virtually no local coverage and had NHS First running against me. It's a start, and hpefully the SNP will keep their promise on Monklands. if it's a minority government it means the voting will be freer and I think that will be good for us. Btw there were 1200 spoilt papers in our contest and 1500 spoilt papers in Airdrie and Shotts, which Karen Whitfield won by less than 1000 votes. Recount?