Friday, May 04, 2007

Glasgow List

Solidarity has tanned the SSP's hide on the Regional Vote, but the successful candidates are:

Bashir Ahmad (SNP)
Sandra White (SNP)
Robert Brown (LibDem)
Bob Doris (SNP)
Bill Aitken (Con)
Bill Kidd (SNP)
Patrick Harvie (Green)

So Harvie survives, but Sheridan does not. I didn't believe the maths, I assumed he'd get back in anyway, but no, he's out. In fact, I wonder if had the split not happened, the combined Solidarity/SSP vote would have been enough for them to hang onto one seat, at Patrick Harvie. We do have our first Asian MSP though, along with three other SNP MSPs, up two from 2003 but level with 1999.

We also, thankfully, have some Regional results now, and one from Edinburgh: Pentlands is still Tory. I'm not sure who, if anyone it still up, and I might give in soon, but this farce is still worth watching.

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