Friday, May 04, 2007

South of Scotland

All over bar the shouting here.

Labour hold: Carrick, Cumnock & Doon Valley with a 9.7% swing to the SNP; Clydesdale - 5.9% swing to the SNP; Cunninghame South - 8.7% swing to the SNP; Dumfries - 2.6% swing away from the Tories; East Lothian - 12.3% swing to the SNP.

Conservatives hold Ayr with a 3.3% swing to them from Labour and Galloway & Upper Nithsdale with a 5.4% swing to them from the SNP. They also gain Roxburgh & Berwickshire with a 9.4% swing to them from the LibDems.

The LibDems somehow hold onto Tweeddale, Ettrick and Lauderdale with a majority of 598, and a swing of 0.1% to the SNP.

On the List, Christine Grahame returns, Mike Russell is back in frontline politics, Adam Ingram returns as does Alasdair Morgan. Aileen Campbell is the fifth SNP Member. The Tories get Derek Brownlee back but Murray Tosh is out. If they'd lost Galloway & Upper Nithsdale, he'd probably be in. Jim Hume comes in for the LibDems, as compensation for their loss in Roxburgh & Berwickshire. Chris Ballance is out as is Rosemary Byrne, whose Solidarity party takes only 1.2% of the vote. This is still better than the SSP's 0.4%.

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Richard Havers said...

Prediction with just three Scottsh regions left to declare

Lab - 45
Con - 17
Libdem - 16
Ind - 1
Green - 2